Group of students using their smartphones


As an international student studying in the UK, staying organized, connected, and informed is essential for a smooth and enriching experience. Thankfully, a plethora of apps are designed to make your life easier. In this guide, we’ll explore five essential apps that every international student should have on their smartphone.

Citymapper: Your Ultimate Urban Navigator

Navigating a new city can be daunting, but with Citymapper, you’ll master the art of getting around. This app offers detailed public transportation information, real-time updates, and multiple route options, making it easy to travel across cities like London, Edinburgh, and beyond. Whether it’s buses, trains, or the underground, Citymapper has you covered.

Revolut: Managing Finances Made Simple

Revolut is a must-have for international students managing finances far from home. With features like borderless banking, real-time currency exchange, and budget tracking, you’ll effortlessly handle expenses, currency conversions, and track your spending. Plus, it provides a multi-currency card, saving you money on foreign transaction fees.

Duolingo: Your Pocket Language Tutor

Duolingo makes language learning fun and convenient. Whether you’re perfecting your English skills or picking up a new language, this app offers bite-sized lessons, interactive exercises, and gamified learning to boost your proficiency. It’s like having a personal language tutor in your pocket.

UniDays: Unlocking Student Discounts

Saving money while studying abroad is a breeze with UniDays. This app offers exclusive student discounts on a range of products and services, from fashion and tech to dining and travel, ensuring you make the most of your student status. It’s your ticket to affordable student living in the UK.

iPlayer and ITV Hub: Never Miss UK Entertainment

Stay connected to the UK’s vibrant entertainment scene with apps like iPlayer and ITV Hub. Stream your favorite TV shows, documentaries, and catch up on news and cultural programs, ensuring you stay in the loop even while studying. It’s a taste of British culture on demand.


Equipping your smartphone with these essential apps will enhance your experience as an international student in the UK. From seamless navigation to managing finances, language learning, accessing discounts, and staying entertained, these apps will help you embrace all that the UK has to offer while making your student life more convenient and enjoyable. Download them now and embark on a journey of efficient, informed, and connected student living. Your smartphone is your key to a successful UK adventure.