What cities in Europe are easily accessible from the UK for international students?

As an international student in the UK, you have the opportunity to explore Europe conveniently due to the country’s well-connected transportation networks. Here are some of our favourite destinations which have daily connections from several UK cities, making them easily accessible:

Paris, France: The Eurostar high-speed train connects London to Paris in just over two hours through the Channel Tunnel. The train also stops at Brussels, Belgium and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Dublin, Ireland: Frequent flights from various UK airports, especially London, provide quick access to Dublin. It’s a great destination for nightlife, or travelling onwards to Ireland’s stunning countryside.

Barcelona, Spain: Low-cost airlines offer affordable flights from various UK airports to Barcelona. The city is a great choice when the UK is feeling too cold for you.

Rome, Italy: Direct flights from London and other UK airports make Rome accessible in around two to three hours. It’s a perfect destination for a weekend, or a short trip over a bank holiday.