Which travel planning apps and websites can I use in the UK to plan my transportation?

There are several reliable travel planning apps and websites to help you navigate the UK’s transportation system, and here are our favourites:

Google Maps: Provides real-time updates on public transit, walking directions, and estimated travel times. Simply enter your starting point and destination, and it will offer detailed options for your journey.

National Rail Enquiries: This official rail service website is perfect for planning train journeys across the UK. You can check train schedules, book tickets, and find information on stations and services.

Transport for London (TfL): If you’re in London, TfL’s website and mobile app are essential. They provide information on the London Underground, buses, trams, and other TfL services, including live service updates and journey planning.

Citymapper: Available in major UK cities like London, Manchester, and Birmingham. It offers real-time information on buses, trains, and other transit options, including bike-sharing and walking routes.