GP Consultation

Moving to a new country can be both exciting and daunting, but it’s important to make sure you have the right healthcare setup in place. In this article, we’ll explain why international students registering with a GP doctor is a good idea and how to do so.

Introduction to The National Health Service (NHS)

The National Health Service (NHS) is a free healthcare system that is available to all residents of England. The NHS provides medical care for a wide range of conditions and illnesses, and also offers preventative services such as vaccinations. Registering with a GP is the best way to access NHS services.

When registering with a GP, you will be given a medical record which will detail your past and present health conditions. This record can be used by other healthcare professionals to provide you with the best possible care. You will also be able to book appointments with your GP and receive prescriptions for medication.

It is important to begin registering with a GP as soon as you move to England, or if you have not registered before. You can do this by contacting your local GP surgery or by visiting their website.

Registering with a GP in the UK

If you are moving to the UK, or are already living here and have not registered with a GP, then you may be wondering why you should do so and how to go about it.

GP stands for General Practitioner, and they are the first port of call for most medical needs in the UK.

In order to start registering with a GP, you will need to fill out a form which can be obtained from your local surgery, or online. This form will ask for your personal details as well as your medical history. Once you have completed the form, take it along to your chosen GP surgery and they will add you to their list of patients. It is worth noting that registering with a GP in the UK is not obligatory. But we is strongly recommended as they can provide invaluable support and care when needed.

Why International Students Should Register with a GP

As an international student in the UK, you are entitled to free healthcare at the National Health Service (NHS). However, in order to access this healthcare, you must first register with a General Practitioner (GP).

There are many reasons why you should be registering with a GP as an international student. Firstly, it will allow you to access free healthcare when you need it. Secondly, it will give you a point of contact for any health-related queries or concerns that you may have. And thirdly, registering with a GP will help to build up a medical history for you in the UK, which can be useful if you need to see specialists or other healthcare professionals in the future.

To begin registering with a GP, simply visit your local surgery and ask to fill out a registration form. You will need to provide some personal details and information about your current address and visa status in the UK. Once your registration is complete, you will be given a medical card which you can use to book appointments and access NHS services.

Benefits of Being Registered with a GP

When you have finished registering with a GP, you are given a named GP who is responsible for your care. This means that you have someone to contact if you have any health concerns. You will also be able to receive routine care and advice from your GP. Additionally, registered patients can often get same-day or next-day appointments, and they do not have to pay for GP visits or prescriptions.

Accessing Appointments and Other Services

Once you have registered with a GP, you can book appointments and access other services such as prescriptions and referrals. You can also request home visits if you’re too ill to travel to the surgery.

To book an appointment, you can either call your GP surgery or go online. If you have a myGP app, you may be able to book appointments and access other services such as ordering prescriptions and viewing test results through the app.

If you need to see a GP urgently and your surgery is closed, you can call the NHS 111 service. They will assess your symptoms and direct you to the most appropriate service, which could be an out-of-hours GP, A&E or a walk-in centre.


Registering with a GP is an important step to take in order to stay healthy and receive the best medical care possible. By taking the time to understand why registering with a GP is beneficial, as well as how you can go about doing so, you are ensuring that your health needs will be met over the long term. With this information at hand, we hope that you will feel empowered and confident enough to register with your local GP today!