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As a student in Edinburgh, stretching your budget while enjoying the city’s offerings is a top priority. Luckily, Edinburgh is brimming with opportunities to save on everything from dining to entertainment. In this guide, we’ve curated a list of top places offering student discounts to help you make the most of your time in this vibrant city. With these discounts, you can relish the best of Edinburgh without breaking the bank.

Savour the Flavour: Student-Friendly Eateries

Exploring Edinburgh’s culinary scene is a delight for any student, especially when you can enjoy discounts at some of the city’s favorite eateries. Head over to The Elephant House, known for its literary ties and scrumptious fare, to savor meals with a pocket-friendly discount. For a taste of international cuisine, Maki & Ramen offers a range of Japanese delights at a discounted price, perfect for satisfying your cravings without breaking the bank.

Cinematic Savings: Student Deals on Entertainment

When it comes to entertainment, Edinburgh’s cinemas and theaters have got you covered with special discounts. Cineworld and Odeon cinemas offer reduced prices on tickets, making movie nights with friends a budget-friendly option. If you’re a fan of the performing arts, theaters like the Royal Lyceum Theatre offer discounts on selected shows, allowing you to enjoy a dose of culture without overspending.

Retail Therapy with Discounts: Shopping Spots

Retail therapy doesn’t have to be expensive in Edinburgh, thanks to the city’s array of stores offering student discounts. Update your wardrobe with trendy finds from Topshop and H&M, both of which offer exclusive deals for students. Need tech or stationery supplies? Apple and WHSmith have discounts to help you stay equipped for your studies.

Stay Active: Fitness and Leisure Discounts

Staying active is important, and Edinburgh’s fitness centers have tailored deals for students. PureGym offers accessible memberships with student discounts, allowing you to maintain your fitness routine on a budget. If you’re in the mood for some leisurely activities, check out discounts at Camera Obscura and World of Illusions, where you can enjoy mind-bending experiences without spending a fortune.

Explore the City: Transportation and Sightseeing

Navigating Edinburgh is a breeze with student discounts on transportation and sightseeing. Lothian Buses offer discounted bus fares, helping you travel around the city efficiently. To experience Edinburgh’s history and landmarks, consider the Edinburgh Castle Explorer Pass, which provides entry to multiple attractions at a reduced price, allowing you to soak in the city’s rich heritage without straining your wallet.


Being a student in Edinburgh opens the door to a world of discounts and savings across various facets of city life. Whether you’re indulging in delectable meals, enjoying entertainment, shopping for essentials, staying fit, or exploring the city, Edinburgh’s student discounts ensure you can embrace all the city has to offer without compromising your budget. So, take advantage of these fantastic deals and make the most of your time as a student in this captivating Scottish city. With these discounts, Edinburgh becomes your playground on a student budget.